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Welcome to Custom Wrestling Figure Nirvana!
Are you looking for ALL the HEADS? Click "Categories" located above and to the left. Then choose "3D Printed Heads" and check out ALL we have to offer. If you are only looking at the heads on the bottom of the page--you are seriously missing out!

Heads MAY take 6-8 weeks to ship due to quantity of orders and my schedule. If you are in a rush or impatient, I'd advise against purchase. Please do not message me regarding an order unless it's been over 6 weeks. Thank you for understanding.

Have you ever wanted a wrestling figure you just knew Mattel or Jakks or Hasbro or even LJN was never going to make? It happens to all of us! Well, we now have the ability and technology to fix that!

Thanks to the ability to resize and 3D print action figure heads, we can now create pretty much anyone we've ever wanted in today's current wrestling action figure scale!

If you have a STRONG desire to have a certain head created, real, fantasy, hell--even your own head, shoot me a message on Facebook (Warren Warsman Mann) and I'll explain the cost, process, and see if you want to move forward with the project.

Also, a great custom head is only one important piece to truly create your masterpiece! Check out the following stores to find custom decals, custom head casts, clothing and much more! Why settle for wishing you had that figure? Go get it!

Naparo Custom Ringskirts:
Custom Ringskirts

Curb Stomp City Custom Decals:

Threadhead Custom Clothing

Ralph's Figure Clothing:

Five Star Headcasts:

Figure Giant:

Matty Montcalm on Facebook

Sadly, my weekdays are all bought by my real job, and my evenings are full printing, packaging, shipping orders, working with the Great Tom Veg (of Veg3DArt) and coordinating multiple projects at once that each have 15+ backers. I do not have time to take on painting heads. I do vouch for the people listed above, both produce fine work for a nominal fee. If you're too afraid to take the leap and do it yourself--check out Matty Montcalm linked above!

If you have a website pertaining to wrestling custom parts and accessories, and you'd like a link here, shoot me a message on Facebook. Let's grow the custom community and double our collections with customs!

Take care,